Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It's rare to find anything worthy of a good laugh in the comments of any UFO websites but I got a charge out of this.  Forgot I'd even posted there until just a day or two ago.  When I looked again, it was apparent one haughty commenter bit off more than he could chew.  You'll have to take the link to find out why I thought it was amusing.

Scientists say Earth Should Prepare for Alien Encounters

Thanks to Bob Idaho

for your spirited defense of dissent,
commitment to fine entertainment
and interesting commentary.
Give me a holler sometime, Bob.

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Surprising, isn't it, that Open Minds Magazine receives so few comments?  It's one of the few sites out there - relatively speaking - that features interesting work that actually rises to the level of professionalism and lives up to its name.  Come to think of it, I just answered my own question.  Also, the name Nick Redfern doesn't appear every freakin' time I visit there. Not that I have anything against Nick, who, if he ever went outside, would see much of the same patch of sky as myself; not at night, however (I'm in a somewhat more rural setting).  It's fairly risky subscribing to print magazines, the dying media dinosaurs of our time, but this one is worth supporting.

Unfortunately,  Open Minds Magazine is sometimes confused with Open Minds Online Forums where cliques, tribalism, celebrity wankfests, obsessive self-congratulation, nationalism, militarism, douche-ism and admin smarm converge into one big booga-booga! stewBut I'm not really a forum person, so what do I know.

Comments aren't activated at SKYWARD because I don't have the time, energy or inclination to deal with 'em.  (I'm too busy leavin' 'em on everyone else's.  Not that I feel bad about it, as hardly anyone engages me anyway.)  Maybe later.  Maybe never.  Beats me.  However, I'm very easy to reach by email - and, now, on Twitter, which, given my benevolent misanthropy, is probably the stupidest move ever.  If you're compelled to respond to anything I've written here (or anywhere), feel free.  And, if not, that's perfectly fine, too, as it's hard to imagine why anyone would.

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