Monday, May 9, 2011

Upon Further Consideration:

Dear Reader: I'm discovering sharing my experiences with UFOs and their associated intelligences, at least, in a blogging format, is not my cup of tea.  It virtually guarantees a poor return on the investment.

Because relatively little is known about the UFO enigma, it provides the perfect stage for people to project their hopes and fears, busk for money and bask in the dim glow of their artificially inflated, vastly overrated brains.  The fears, by far, dominate.  As much as I love a good fright and the good fight, I will not feed or babysit the monsters, real or imagined, under anyone's beds. Contending with a world of human monsters, though none refer to themselves as such, is enough of a challenge. 

Let me be clear: I am not angry or upset. Disappointed, sure, but I realized from the outset there was a 95% chance it would end before it started. The overwhelming majority of persons interested in UFOs - regardless of educational levels, occupations and personality types - are no more willing than people who have zero interest in UFOs to entertain possibilities which might potentially destabilize their rigid belief systems. This is human nature. As I've previously noted, adapting to a new model of reality - one far less defined and far more wonderful, whatever its inherent challenges (and it is not devoid of heartbreak, I can assure you) - required nearly two years of painful soul-searching, a ridiculous number of unique contact experiences, and the support of my loving, begrudgingly open-minded wife of twenty-eight years.

With the rarest of exceptions, ufology's adherents consign people with positive contact experiences to the Space Brothers Cult Bin, or, when that label won't quite fit, blithely apply some vaguely implied psychological disorder and/or intelligence deficit to anyone who refuses to go into the box. I am strongly convinced the great majority of harm many people claim to experience as a result of the UFO phenomenon is inflicted by the staunchest guardians of the most enduring cult of all, Consensus Reality. You know who you are. Well, some of you do, even if you would never publicly admit it.

There exists a vanguard of the online UFO arena whose primary interest is to hold hands, stroke each other and drown out anyone whose experiences and interpretations deviate from its trenched-and-gassed razor wire boundaries. Not that they're all on the same page, but the book only has three or four pages.  By all appearances, very few of them have any direct experience with, much less appreciation of, cosmological intelligence(s). Dialogue is the furthest thing from their tiny, calcified, kidney stone minds. The irony is they see and portray themselves, and, sadly, are seen by the public as, intellectual powerhouses of critical thought despite behaving as courtesans, student council douche bags, celebrity whore mongers and nationalist fuckwits. They are, on the whole, a gutless gang of psychic vampires who sustain themselves on (a.) vicarious experience copped from people they revile and (b.) public theater.

While it is possible I could have a change of heart, however modest, that might conceivably result in a resumption of activities here at some undefined point in the future, from where I am standing today, it is unlikely. Until such a time may come, if it does, I leave this aspect of the online UFO experience exactly as I found it: firmly seized in the arthritic hands of the authorities, and to those who have yet to discover that's exactly what it is. 

To the dozen or so people who have shown some love, expressed genuine curiosity and, in essence, embody the truest and most admirable part of the human spirit, I appreciate your forbearance and acceptance.

I wish you all the best.

P.S.  I've deactived the comment function to avoid the spam influx common to dormant blogs.  Also, if I've been following your blog publicly through Google Friend Connect, please don't take it personally that I no longer am.  Since I won't be logging into and don't use Google Reader, I'm migrating to RSS feeds.  

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